Friday, May 24, 2013

Current work

I started this blog as a way for me to discuss myself to an audience 
so I have to make sense, or at least attempt to be coherent
this is more helpful than it sounds.

Here's some draft descriptions:

Whale. - I was sitting on a plane to Colorado, next to a middle-aged woman and a younger girl who were doing that thing where they're sitting next to you on a plane, and they aren't doing anything wrong, but you're annoyed simply because there so little space in planes. This is most evident via the armrests, which are the kinds of apparatus that you never appreciate until someone takes "yours" and you're left holding your arms like a T-rex. Thus, I had to do something, its a three-hour flight, be productive. So I practiced a technique I first used when writing The Wet Scientist, which is where I just let the tone take over and nullify structure or grammar, really anything that it doesn't adopt naturally. When I landed I had a story where I writer fell off a boat while on his honeymoon and spoke to a whale. But the tone was conversational the whole time, there was no actual dialogue from the narrator, it was all him telling the story, and I loved it. Eventually I expanded it further, to its second draft where it sits at 3000 some words. The story itself attempts to be a parable, but also a story on its own, so its not entirely concerned with showing you what it means, the story is ok with people being along for the ride as well, which is exciting to me, as most of my work up to this point has had the effect of sticking the reader's nose in the point yelling "no, bad. you should have seen this". I plan on extending the draft into potentially a story of near Wet Scientist proportions (11,000 words) which will go on to exist in what I'm excitingly calling my universe where I hook together other works and poems so they all happen at once. In particular, Whale will see the advent of the world ending as outlined in - I don't even know what to call it - Abacus (my first chapbook) as well as a few other stories weaved in (maybe Wet Science, not sure). My most recent idea (and one that is still so very young) is at one point having aliens come into play, which is not something I'm usually about, but I think for Whale it will be appropriate. Perhaps later on I'll put a draft of it up here, soon as I figure out where to put it at catagory-wise.

Wet Science - Allow me to explain myself. The Wet Scientist is a character I made up a long time ago way back in high school, who then became an inside joke, and then a draft where I was merely entertaining myself and my friends with a story about a man who would cackle and click his heels together, turning people into cats. And then all rather suddenly, character development happened and I found myself writing several chapters of this piece that all existed on the basic principle that numbers were "wrong", that through every measurement that we deem, we're depending on it staying the same because that's what it usually does. The universe is pretty consistant so far, and we're comfortable about that. What the Wet Scientist is, is that idea of doubt, that idea of miscalculation coming and say - just walking through a door as if it were made of water. A few thousand words later and a discussion with Becs led me to realize I was writing about real mathematical concepts, and I proceeded to nerd out. I'm not sure where the Wet Scientist will go, as his first "season" is complete, but I would like to continue his story, using more mathematical concepts with literature and try to merge those wonderful worlds together.

Feels so Good - A feminist screenplay about sex robots that uses a degree of satire that involves going way over the top. This draft has been in the works for nearly 2 years, but only saw itself on Celtx this past semester where it has grown its own fanbase. The conceptualizing of sexual ideals into actual reality and then those sexual ideals having their own eventual thoughts and feelings about their purpose is not necessarily a "new" idea. I'm almost certain there's a famous story that starts with a "P" about the whole thing, but where it sits right now Feels so Good plans to emphasize the realities of sexuality today while doing it in a way that is so honest it causes you to laugh and cringe at the same time. It's about a fourth of the way finished right now, and I have no clue as to how one would film a scene where a detached pelvis is penetrated with a dildo by a group of businessmen over lunch, discussing the pros and cons of the latest "prototype", but if there's a will theres a way...

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